After-Hours Care

After-Hours/ weekend Care


We are committed to providing 24/7 access to medical advice and care. For non-emergency medical problems that occur when our office is closed, we offer several options (please note your good judgment should always take precedence over information in these guidelines):

  1. Our website contains a wealth of information intended to help guide you in the care of your child. You can access dosing information for fever medication, home remedies for colds and over the counter cough and cold medications. “Is your child sick” will link you to excellent medical sources on common childhood diseases and their treatments.

  2. If you would like to speak with the provider on call, simply call the main number 352-671-1800 for recorded instructions on how to reach the provider on call.

If you have a question or issue after hours that is non-emergent and non-urgent, please call us during normal office hours or call the office and choose the option to leave us a message that we will respond to once the office opens.
Note: We do not call in prescriptions for antibiotics without seeing your child first.

For after-hours care, please call

(352) 671-1800

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